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Verve is a new 48” luxury catamaran registered to carry up to 45 guests, perfect for Corporate Events, Client Entertaining and Private Parties.

Verve is fully licensed and can provide on-board gourmet catering. Celebrate with a function on board, cruising around Victoria Harbour, down the Yarra River to Williamstown and out into Port
Phillip Bay.

This gorgeous new Catamaran has 2 outside seating areas. The Aft Cockpit has a Dining area, seating up to 12 with other seating, including a lounge. The F’wd Cockpit has relaxing seating and side tables. There are extensive deck areas with trampolines on which to chill out.

There is large inside saloon with comfortable lounges around a Dining or Coffee Table. It has panoramic windows, LCD TV with DVD and a serving Bar. Guests may provide their own music that we can connect to the sound system.

No stair climbing is required to move from the Aft Cockpit through the Saloon to the Fwd Cockpit. It’s all on one level. There are easily accessible rest rooms. Weather is not a problem as there are clears to stop wind and rain while still being able to enjoy the sights.

The Skipper is happy for guests to join him at the Helm Station and sail the Catamaran.


Capacity – 45 guests

Special Features
2 outside seating areas
Spacious Saloon
Dining or Coffee Table with panoramic windows
Extensive deck areas with relaxing trampolines


Vessel Hire 2021

January to December
Minimum 3 Hours includes Skipper & Crew

Up to 15 Guests: $3,300
Up to 20 Guests: $4,290
Up to 25 Guests: $4,950
Up to 30 Guests: $5,940
Up to 35 Guests: $6,490
Up to 40 Guests: $7,260
Up to 45 Guests: $7,920

Additional time is charged on a per hour basis, $1,100

BYO Fee – $200 (Standard Charter on Sydney Harbour only)

Guests must supply, Ice, plastic glasses, paper or melamine plates, cutlery & serving ware.
Access to the BBQ is available but not the Galley.
Non-smoking vessel (stops can be arranged for smokers)

Preferred location Melbourne – Marina WE and Docklands
Other pick-up locations- Subject to availability

Note: Public Holidays incur a 20% surcharge on the total charter fee


All Catering must be paid beforehand but drinks can be paid, at the conclusion of the function. We take a Credit Card imprint and run a Bar Tab.
As Verve has a Full Liquor Licence, no BYO
Self-catering, is allowed in Sydney only
Drinks are available for purchase including pre-arranged cocktails.
Preferred wines including French Champagne can be pre-ordered.
Gourmet Platters are pre-ordered to suit the number of guests.
Waiters hand these out.

BYO CAKE – we do charge “cakeage” to cover our serving and cleaning costs.

Guests are NOT allowed to wear high heels, wedges or black rubber soled shoes.
Bare feet and light soled shoes & thongs are fine.
There is a No Smoking Policy on the Catamaran, although we are able to make stops to cater for smokers.


New Years Day, Australia Day and Boxing Day – $POA


Verve NYE 2020
7:30 pm – 1:00 am
Pickup- Rozelle Bay
Drop off – Rose Bay

Package 1 – $26,400 (Up to 30 guests)
Each extra guest up to 34 is $880
BYO Food & Drinks
Package 2 – $29,400 (Up to 30 guests)
Each extra guest up to 34 is $990
Inclusive Menu BYO Drinks
Package 3 – $33,000 (Up to 30 guests)
Each extra guest up to 34 is $1,100
All Inclusive – Food & Beverages
Beverages including a glass of French Champagne on boarding, then Grant Burge Australian Sparkling, Premium Beer, Wine + Soft Drinks

– Prosciutto and Melon, Salami with Truffle, Roasted Pumpkin with Spicy Tofu, Bocconcini with Mini Tomatoes and Basel, Spiced Olives and more.
Mini Tarts – Prawn & Guacamole
Dips with Turkish Bread – varieties like Baby Beetroot, Chilli Crab and Spicy Pumpkin.
Smoked Salmon on Blinis with Cream Cheese and Dill Mayonnaise.
Sushi with Prawn, Tuna, Salmon and Vegetarian varieties.
Australian rare Beef Fillet on Ciabatta with Mustard Cream and Rocket.
Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce
Beef Skewers with Greek Herbs & Yoghurt
Australian Lamb Cutlets with Onion Jam
Cheese Platter – Camembert, Soft Blue, Vintage Cheddar with Quince Paste, Fruit and a variety of crackers
Lemon Tarts with fresh Raspberry
Strawberries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce.

Spirits are available for purchase!

We strictly adhere to Responsible Serving and drinking of Alcohol.
No Stilettos, High Heels or Rubber soled shoes.
We also offer a 3 hour, New Years Day Cruise around Sydney Harbour
We do not Accept Cancellations for NYE.


Verve NYE 2020 – Melbourne

Pick up is 8:00pm
Drop off around 12:30am – 1:00am (depending on the traffic at the pontoon)

All Packages are for up to 25 Guests.
Additional guests pay an additional charge at a 20% discount.
Maximum Guests – 30 Guests.

Package 1 – $19,500 ($780 per person)
All Inclusive Food & Drinks
Package 2 – $17,000 ($680 per person)
Includes Catering & BYO Beverages
Package 3 – $13,750 ($550 per person)
BYO Catering & Beverages

Antipasto – Prosciutto and Melon, Salami with Truffle, Roasted Pumpkin with Spicy Tofu, Bocconcini with Basel and fresh baby Mozzarella, Spiced Olives and more.
Dips with Turkish Bread – varieties like Baby Beetroot, Chili Crab and Guacamole with Corn Chips & Turkish Bread
Smoked Salmon Blinis with Cream Cheese and Dill Mayonnaise.
Australian Beef Fillet on Crostini with Mustard Cream & Rocket.
Prawns. With tails on & Asian dipping sauce
French Cutlets with Onion Jam
Satay Chicken Sticks with Peanut Sauce
Gourmet Mini Pies
Choc Mousse Shots with Frangelico
Lemon Tarts with Strawberries

A glass of French Champagne on boarding
Sparkling, Red & Rose & White Wine
Premium Beers
Soft Drinks
Spirits Cans available for purchase:
Jim Beam & Coke, Gin & Tonic, Jimmy Walker with Coke
Vodka with Soda & Lime.

BYO Catering – Guests must supply all Poly Glasses, Paper, plastic or bamboo plates & bowls, cutlery, serving platters (non breakable), & Ice. We supply a large esky.
Guests will have access to the BBQ but not the Galley Kitchen or Fridges.
BYO Beverages – Guests must adhere to the Responsible Serving & Drinking of Alcohol.

We strictly adhere to Responsible Serving and drinking of Alcohol.
No Stilettos, High Heels or Rubber soled shoes.
We do not Accept Cancellations for NYE.

Cold Platters Menu

Most platters are made to serve 15 guests. Platters to serve 20 are also available
Some selections may change due to seasonal availability

With a selection of marinated black & green olives, salami sticks, prosciutto with pear or melon, semi dried tomatoes with cheddar, cherry tomatoes with bocconcini

DIPS – $58
Guacamole with Corn Chips (gf, v, vg)
Assorted x 3
Spicy Pumpkin with cashews (gf, V, vg)
Beetroot (gf, v)
Sweet Chili (gf, v)
Prawn or crab
With Turkish Bread or Vegetable Sticks (gf, V, vg)

TARTS – $66
Avocado & Prawn mini tarts

Rare Roast Fillet Steak on Crostini with rocket and mustard $105
Turkey with brie and cranberry on Crostini $61

BLINIS – $83
Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, dill & aioli on Blinis
Duck Breast with Hoisin Sauce & Chive

SUSHI – $86
A selection of salmon, tuna, egg, avocado & teriyaki chicken (gf, some V some vg)

PRAWNS – $94
Shelled with tails on, lemon & aioli (gf, df)

Served with Asian clear dressing and lemon (gf, df)

• Eggplant (v, df)
• Olive Tapenade (v, df)
• Sweet Peppers (v, df)

SANDWICH Triangles – $86
Chicken & Mayo
Ham & Cheese
Egg & Mayo

Hot Platters

Most platters are made to serve 15 guests. Platters to serve 20 are also available
Some selections may change due to seasonal availability

FRENCH LAMB CUTLETS with Onion Jam (gf, df) $143

with Hoisin Pork Fillet & Asian Slaw (gf, df) $104.50
with Peking Duck & Asian Slaw (gf, df) $104.50
with Chicken Breast & Asian Slaw (gf, df) $104.50

SLIDERS with pulled beef and Slaw $98

MINI CHIPOLATES in mini rolls $77

• Chicken with Peanut Sauce (gf, df)
• Beef with Greek Herbs & Yoghurt (gf, df)
• Garlic Prawns marinated & grilled

A selection of – a minimum of 6 per variety.
• Semi dried tomatoes & ham (v)
• Semi dried tomatoes & mushrooms (v)
• Salami, sundried tomatoes & olives
• Vegetarian with Bocconcini, red capsicum & tomatoes (v)
• Mushroom, caramelized onion & parmesan (v)
• Pepperoni with feta
• Olives, mushroom & parmesan (v)
• Pumpkin with pesto and parmesan (v)
• Ham and tomato
• Prosciutto with blue cheese

• Beef Balls

• Falafels with Hummus or Yoghurt
• Mini Samosas – Vegetarian $66

Beef party pies

Gourmet Party Pies $75
Tender Beef Burgundy
Chicken & Leek o Thai Chicken
Curry Chicken

Sausage Rolls Beef $55
Spinach & Ricotta $60.50
Mini Quiche Vegetarian $60.50
Lorraine $60.50

A selection of Vintage Cheddar, Camembert, soft Blue with crackers, quince paste, fruit and nuts. (V)

Lemon Tarts with Strawberry (V)

MACAROONS – assorted flavors (v) $66

STRAWBERRIES with Chocolate Dipping Sauce (v) $55

with Frangelico (V) $82.50

MIXED SWEET TREATS – Nougat, Panforte, Mint Bites, Caramel Bites, Truffles $55

MINI MAGNUMS – assorted flavours $55

FRUIT STICKS Strawberries, pineapple, watermelon & grapes (gf, v, vg, df) $71.50

Beverage Selection

PREMIUM WINES $45.00 – $90.00
Sauvignon Blanc
Cloudy Bay NZ $69.00
Petaluma Sauvignon Blanc $49:00
Pinot Grigio / Gris
Tim Adams Pinot Gris
Chardonnay $45:00
Taylors Jaraman Chardonnay $45:00
Church Road Chardonnay 2014 $55.00
Brown Brothers $32.00
Cote de Roses $44.00
Fleurs de Prairie $49.00
Sticks Pinot Noir $50:00
Brands Liara Cab Merlot 2012 93/100 $39.00
Brands Liara Blockers Cab Sav 2012 95/100 $42.00
Penfolds Bin 28 2008 94/100 $94.00
Penfolds Bin 128 2010 95/100 $94.00

Chandon NV $ 49.00
Grant Burge NV $ 49.00
Prosecco NV from $ 45:00

Veuve Clicquot$140.00
Moet $125.00
Mumm $120.00
Piper-Heidsieck $ 89.00

STANDARD WINES $30.00 – $40.00
Sauvignon Banc
Oyster Bay $39.00
Warburn $30.00
Paul Mas Chardonnay $32.00
Pinot Grigio / Gris
Torresello Pinot Grigio $28.00
Moscato (sweet)
Watercolour $25
Brands Liara Cabinet Sav $39.00
Pepperjack $38.00
Stoneleigh Pinot Noir $38.00
Saint Cecile $35.00
Jester Sangiovese Rose $39.00
Torresella Pinot Grigio Rose $28.00
Mateus $25.00


House Sauvignon Blanc $25.00
House Shiraz $25.00
House Rose $30:00
Yellow Sparkling $25:00
Amiri NZ $25.00
Marlborough NZ Sparkling $25:00
Gossip Girl Moscato (sweet) $20.00
House Red – Glass $ 7.00
House White – Glass $ 7.00

Asahi $ 10.00
Cider $ 10:00
Corona $ 10.00
Peroni $ 10.00
Cascade Premium Light $ 9.00

SPIRITS by GLASS – $10.00
Jim Beam, Bundy, Johnny Walker,  Vodka Gin

SPIRIT CANS – $12.00
Jim Beam & Cola, Johnny Walker & Cola

Chivas, Johnny Walker Black, Belvedere Vodka

MIXERS – Glass $3   Can $4
Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Soda, Tonic, Raspberry, Lemon, Lime, Pink Grapefruit
Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice

COCKTAILS – $15.00
Aperol with Prosecco, Soda & Sliced Orange (pre order)
Vodka with Pink Grapefruit

This is an all weather vessel. The charter would only be cancelled in the event of very extreme weather conditions, such as a cyclone.

Should the water become choppy due to windy conditions, the skipper will cruise the more sheltered areas of the harbour. However, if a passenger does become unwell for any reason, we can arrange for them to disembark at the nearest wharf.

Our chef can accommodate most dietary requirements. However in extreme cases we recommend passengers arrange their own catering.

Children of any age are permitted on-board with parental supervision.

There are no restrictions with regards to cruising whilst pregnant.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

We do offer BYO catering on some vessels. Charges may apply. Please ask us to quote on suitable vessels for your event.

Soft soled non-marking shoes only. No stilettos
No sparklers, party poppers or any other item that is physically attached to, or could damage the vessel
Bond required for all events
18th Birthdays, Bucks and Hens parties subject to owners authorisation
Non-smoking vessel

Prestige Harbour Cruises can provide quotes on a selection of boats that match your function requirements and budget.

Submit a quote request HERE or contact our cruise consultants on: 1300 311 200