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Nothing beats a day on the water, unless it is a day on the water surrounded by good friends. XTsea can host up to 30 people for your event on glorious Sydney Harbour. Be it a relaxing laze in the sun taking in the sights, a romantic twilight cruise past the Opera House with wine and cheese, or a riotous barbeque with plenty of the frothy stuff, XTsea is perfect for everything.


Capacity – 30 passengers
COVID Safe – 30 passengers

Special Features
Spacious all weather saloon and aft cockpit
Large foredeck
3 cabins sleeping up to 8 passengers
2  bathrooms
Swim ladder



April – September
4 hours: $2000
Additional Hours: $500

October (not available)

May to August
4 hours: $1600
Additional Hours: $400

ANY Public Holiday
4 hours: $2,400
Additional Hours: $600

Amenities  Fee – $100 flat fee
All glasses, cups, plates, cutlery, serving utensils and large 110 litre esky will be supplied as well as bottled water.
We will dispose of all rubbish.


BYO Drinks
Ice supplied at $5/ bag

Wharf Fee: $50 per visit
Travel time surcharge may apply to wharves outside of Sydney CBD


XTsea NYE 2021
Enjoy your dinner ashore in comfort and be picked up with plenty of time to get into position for the Family fireworks at 9 pm. After the excitement, party on as you await the new year and enjoy a light supper supplied by your hosts. At midnight we’ll be in a great position to see the show and you can pop your champagne. We’ll drop you back to your wharf after a fantastic night.

Cost: $12,000
All inclusive
Up to 20 guests
Pick up: 8 pm Rose Bay (or close by)
Drop off: 1 am at any convenient wharf
BYO Drinks.
Includes: 5 bags of ice, light supper (platters, nibblies, etc. to be discussed)

BBQ Menus

Quicky BBQ – $12/person
(For three hour charters)

  • Nibbles to start
  • Chicken kebabs or BBQ Sausages in bread
    (Organiser’s choice)

BBQ’s for four+ hour charters

Budget BBQ – $20/person

  • Nibbles to start
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • BBQ Sausages in bread
  • Condiments
  • Sweet treats to finish up

Posh BBQ – $30/person

  • Nibbles to start
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • Quality Steaks
  • Two salads
  • Bread/Rolls
  • Condiments
  • Sweet treats to finish up


Each platter will serve 10-15 people

  • Grazing table – Cured meats, olives, pate, sundried tomatoes, peppers with cream cheese filling, dips, bread and crackers. $90
  • Cheese Platter – A selection of cheeses with gourmet crackers, dried fruit and/or seasonal fruit. $100
  • BBQ Chicken – Two chickens, two salads, bread rolls. $65
  • Subway Wraps – meat and salad, vegetarian optional. $100
  • Subway Subs – meat and salad, vegetarian optional. $100
  • Seafood Platter – tiger prawns, oysters, smoked salmon and lemon wedges. $130
  • Fruit pieces – seasonal fruit in bite sized pieces. $80
  • Premium Dessert Platter- an assortment of decadent treats. $100

This is an all weather vessel. The charter would only be cancelled in the event of very extreme weather conditions, such as a cyclone.

It is fairly uncommon for passengers to suffer from seasickness on a harbour cruise. Should the water become choppy due to windy conditions, the skipper will cruise the more sheltered areas of the harbour. However, if a passenger does become unwell for any reason, we can arrange for them to disembark at the nearest wharf or by water taxi.

Children of any age are permitted on-board with parental supervision.

There are no restrictions with regards to a Sydney harbour cruise whilst pregnant. Just ensure you notify the chef of any dietary requirements.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

Yes available see notes below


You’ll be wanting something to provide to your guests on your yacht charter. We have a 110 litre ice-chest on board for your use, as well as tubs for overflow in case you are catering for a crowd. We can provide ice for you at $5 a bag or you can bring it yourself. You may want to drop off food and drink to us before your charter, and if this is convenient it may save you hassle at the pickup.


If you’re having alcohol, we will require you to have a reasonable amount of food on hand as well. We will be out on the water and the only options to deal with guests who overindulge is for them to be picked up by an expensive water taxi or for XTsea to return to a wharf to put them ashore. Having food will moderate the consumption of alcohol.


We have plates and cutlery on board, so please do not bring any with you. Plastic or paper items can easily find their way into the water which is why we use solid items. We have a number of wine glasses, however if you are serving other drinks from bottles rather than cans/bottles then we have a limited number of tumblers.

Please note that XTsea is straw-responsible. Being on the water, any carelessly discarded plastic straws go straight into our waterways where they have an immediate impact on the environment, so use of plastic straws onboard is not permitted. If you have a genuine requirement, we have a number of stainless-steel straws available on request.

Prestige Harbour Cruises can provide quotes on a selection of boats that match your function requirements and budget.

Submit a quote request HERE or contact our cruise consultants on: 1300 311 200