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Kirralee is a spacious catamaran that can accommodate for up to 30 guests. The 10.5 metre Seawind Resort 1050 is an Australian designed and built sailing catamaran. There is a large internal cabin and cockpit area with easy access to the front bow area. The vessel allows for guests to sit comfortably or move with ease while cruising Sydney Harbour.

Choose your own cruising path or leave this to the experienced skipper. Multiple pick up and drop off points can be accommodated, BYO food and drinks is allowed on this vessel. The open plan of the vessel enables guests to sit comfortably and enjoy a private boat party on Sydney Harbour. Your charter can be tailored to your needs. This is a popular vessel on Sydney Harbour for both private party events and corporate sailing charters.


Cocktail Dining – 30 passengers
Casual Buffet – 30 passengers

Special Features
• 33’ foot (10.5 metres)
• Large internal cabin with lots of seating
• Easy access to front bow area with nets
• Speaker sound system with AUX / Bluetooth capabilities
• Galley (kitchen)
• Large table located in the centre of the cabin
• Large onboard gas BBQ
• Two large eskies with ice
• Onboard toilet
• Swim ladder
• Onboard safety equipment


Minimum 3-hour charter
January to November – $400 per hour
December – $450 per hour

Minimum 3-hour charter
September to May: $450per hour
June to August: 400 per hour
December: $500 per hour

Minimum 3-hour charter
September to May: $500 per hour
June to August: $450 per hour

Public Holidays – 20% surcharge on total charter
including Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Labour Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day & Festival & Harbour Events)

Special Public Holidays – $700 per hour (min 3 hours)
including Easter Sunday & Christmas Day

Buck’s parties are limited to a maximum of 3 hours and maximum of 29 passengers and the latest start-time allowed is 1pm.

BYO Fee – $180 per booking
Inclusive of ice, crockery, cutlery, cups and serving equipment. Also includes BBQ usage/cleaning, BBQ utensils, use of eskies and garbage disposal.
The crew will cook the BBQ when vessel is stationary.
It is a requirement of self-catered charters that a substantial amount of food is to be brought on board.

Staffing – $300 for 4 hours, additional hours: $75 per hour
(applicable for 18th to 21st Birthday Parties and Buck’s Parties only)

Pick up and drop off wharf fees apply – $60 per wharf visit
**An Extra Hour will apply for locations west of Gladesville Bridge, Manly and-Balmoral

Water Toys
Floating Water Mat – $120 per charter (accomodates 12-15 people at a time)
Stand Up Paddleboard – $120 per charter (includes 2 SUPs)

Pre-Access Surcharge: $250 (30-60 mins prior to charter time)


KIRRALEE – Transfers & Sightseeing 

1 hour Transfer / Sightseeing Cruise – $1,000
1.5 hour Transfer / Sightseeing Cruise – $1,250
2 hour Transfer / Sightseeing Cruise – $1,450 per booking

The service includes:
• Exclusive hire of the vessel for up to 30 guests
• Highly trained and professional crew
• Use of all vessel features
• Pick up and drop off points can be arranged from across the harbour
• Option of catered (menu limitations apply due to cruise duration) or BYO food (no charge). Please ask the team for menu options available.
• BYO drinks (no charge).



ADULTS: $650
CHILDREN: (0-12 years) $500

Passengers of all ages must be accounted for to ensure that the maximum number of passengers aboard the vessel is not exceeded.


• 6.5 hour intimate harbour cruise on board Kirralee commencing at 6:30pm (maximum passenger numbers of 26)
• Spectacular views of the harbour fireworks at 9pm and midnight
• Highly trained and professional skipper and crew
• Fuel costs
• Pick up and drop off at Thames Street Wharf, Balmain
• Use of all vessel features
• Food and beverages included
Food: Gourmet Harbour BBQ including cheese board, selection of gourmet sausages, chicken skewers, premium steaks, sliced onions, potato salad, garden salad, fresh prawns and oysters, fresh bread rolls, fresh
fruit platter and a selection of desserts
  Beverages: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package including soft drink, juice and water. All other beverages BYO

• Option to BYO additional food and drinks. No corkage fees apply
• A great NYE option at an affordable price point for smaller group bookings

Terms and Conditions
• All tickets are non-refundable and your ticket cannot be guaranteed until full payment has been made.
• Cruise times include boarding time and disembarkment.
• Please arrive at the pickup location 20 minutes before departure time.
• Always obey the safety instructions given by the skipper or other crew members.
• Only exit or board the boat once the skipper has advised it is safe to do so.
• If you are under the age of 18 or under any disability you must be accompanied by a parent or another adult person who is responsible for you during the charter.
• It is the responsibility of the parent/adult person to supervise children under 15 at all times.
• If the operator deems the weather conditions unsafe, your cruise will be cancelled and a refund will be offered. The cruise will proceed in all other weather conditions.
• Passengers of all ages must be accounted for to ensure that the maximum number of passengers aboard the vessel is not exceeded.

Minimum group number of 10 for all catering options. Surcharge of 20% applies on public holidays and special events.

BBQ Menu

Basic Blue BBQ – $25 per person
• Party Snacks
• Traditional Beef Sausages
• Chicken Skewers
• Sliced Onions
• Tossed Garden Salad
• Fresh Bread Rolls

Captain’s Burgers – $35 per person
• Cheese Platter
• Gourmet Beef Patties
• Selection of Gourmet Burger Toppings & Spreads
• Tossed Garden or Greek Salad
• Fresh Bread Rolls
• Fresh Fruit Platter

Gourmet Harbour BBQ – $55 per person
• Cheese Platter
• Selection of Two Gourmet Sausage Varieties
• Chicken Skewers
• Premium Steaks
• Sliced Onions
• Creamy Pasta Salad
• Tossed Garden or Rocket Salad
• Fresh Bread Rolls
• Fresh Fruit Platter

Platters Menu

Waves of Platters – $40 per person
• Cheese Platter
• Antipasto Platter
• Assorted Wrap Platter
• Fresh Fruit Platter
• Fresh Mini Bread Rolls

Platters by Selection – $10-$18 per person per platter
Create your own platter menu and select from the following platter options:
• Fresh Fruit Platter – $10 per person
• Fine Selection Cheese Platter – $12 per person
• Assorted Sandwich Platter – $14 per person
• Assorted Wrap Platter – $14 per person
• Assorted Sushi Platter – $14 per person
• Antipasto Platter served with Mini Bread Rolls – $16 per person
• Fresh Prawn Platter – $18 per person
• Fresh Prawns and Oysters Platter – $18 per person

Calm Water Buffet

Calm Water Buffet – $45 per person

• Cheese Platter
• Platter of Fresh Prawns
• Leg of Ham (served chilled)
• Barbeque Chicken
• Creamy Potato Salad
• Garden or Greek Salad
• Bread Rolls
• Fresh Fruit Platter

Anchor Down in Greece

Anchor Down in Greece – $50 per person
• Flat Breads with Trip of Dips
• Haloumi, Zucchini & Tomato Skewers
• Lamb Skewers
• Garlic Prawns
• Garden Salad
• Greek Salad
• Warm Flat Bread
• Greek Yoghurt with Honey & Fruit

Breakfasts & Tea Menu

Light Breakfast Afloat – $25 per person
• Selection of Pastries, Cakes & Biscuits
• Fresh Fruit Platter
• Selection of Tea, Coffee & Juice

Boatie’s Breakfast – $35 per person
• Fresh Fruit
• Yoghurt & Muesli
• Bacon & Eggs
• Grilled Mushrooms & Haloumi
• Hash Browns
• Smashed Avocado
• Selection of Bread & Rolls
• Mini Muffins
• Selection of Tea, Coffee & Juice

High Tea on the Sea – $50 per person
• Cherry Tomato & Bocconcini Sticks with Pesto Sauce
• Smoked Salmon topped Pancakes with Cream Cheese and Dill
• Mini Quiches
• Mixed Sandwiches
• Scones with Jam & Cream
• Macarons
• Mini Cupcakes with Frosting
• Mini Cheesecakes
• Selection of Tea

Soft Drinks & Juice

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package – $5 per person per hour
• A selection of soft drinks (no energy drinks), juice and water*

*Variations to beverage selections may occur from time to time due to availability. Special requests can be accommodated to and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

This is an all weather vessel. The charter would only be cancelled in the event of very extreme weather conditions, such as a cyclone.

It is fairly uncommon for passengers to suffer from seasickness on a harbour cruise. Should the water become choppy due to windy conditions, the skipper will cruise the more sheltered areas of the harbour. However, if a passenger does become unwell for any reason, we can arrange for them to disembark at the nearest wharf or by water taxi.

Our chef can accommodate most dietary requirements. However in extreme cases we recommend passengers arrange their own catering.

Children of any age are permitted on-board with parental supervision.

There are no restrictions with regards to a Sydney harbour cruise whilst pregnant. Just ensure you notify the chef of any dietary requirements.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

We do offer BYO catering on some vessels. Charges may apply. Please ask us to quote on suitable vessels for your event.

Pre-access will allow guests to access the vessel prior to their booked cruise time if they wish to decorate or set up the vessel for their cruise.
• If clients wish to attend the marina at which the vessel is berthed, 45-60 mins can be offered OR if clients wish to access the vessel at the wharf from which they are boarding from, 30 mins prior to the cruise start
time can be offered.
• The pre-access surcharge is NOT APPLICABLE for vessel inspections prior to a booking being confirmed. One vessel inspection per booking permitted. If more than one inspection is required, then the pre-access surcharge must be applied.
• The pre-access surcharge is NOT APPLICABLE for scheduled drink drop offs, if the client is then leaving to board with their guests. It IS APPLICABLE if they wish to stay on the vessel or complete any set up prior to
the charter time. Please note that the drop off of drinks and dry food items are allowed, however any chilled items should be brought on board at the time of the cruise.
• Please note that the option to offer clients pre-access is not guaranteed, as this is dependent on the vessel’s schedule. While pre-access can often work for the first charter of the day, it can be more difficult to organise logistics for evening charter times. Should the vessel’s schedule change in the lead up to the cruise date, we may require clients to be flexible with their timing.
• A maximum of 4 people are allowed to board the vessel for pre-access.
• If pre-access is offered at the marina, a maximum of 4 people can stay on board the vessel to travel to the guest pick up location. All guests are required to disembark together at the drop off location.
• Decoration of the vessel is allowed, provided no damage occurs to the vessel when installing or removing these items. It is recommended that decorative items are kept simple and conservative. Confetti, glitter, flower
petals, tinsel or other items that will shed and create excess mess on board the vessel are NOT allowed. All decorations must be removed from the vessel upon disembarking.
• Crew on board the vessel have tasks to complete to ensure the vessel is ready for the cruise. While the crew can offer some assistance during pre-access, their priority is safety and ensuring the vessel is organised for boarding. Set up of decorations and activities is the responsibility of the client.
• Any instructions given by the crew during pre-access must be followed.
• There is no parking at the marina. It is street parking only.

COVID related Rescheduling & Cancellation Requests
(1) If the Government enforces stricter conditions and accordingly the Operator cannot accommodate your booked charter or tour, you may be given the following options:
(a) reschedule for a date within twelve (12) months of your original booked date; or (b) obtain a refund of any monies paid, minus a $300.00 administration fee.
(2) The option selected at the time you are contacted and advised your cruise has been affected will be deemed the final decision. You cannot change from a reschedule to a refund at a later date or vice versa.
(3) A change to the date or refund would only be allowed if Government orders or laws mean that the charter or tour cannot proceed. A reschedule or cancellation for any other reason will be subject to our standard reschedule/cancellation policy and fees will be incurred.
(4) If you (the organiser/contact for the booking) return a positive COVID-19 result or are directed to isolate by the Government due to being a close contact, you will be offered a reschedule for a date within twelve (12) months of your original booked date. You will be required to provide proof of this.
(5) If 25% or more of the guests attending your booking return a positive COVID-19 result or are directed to isolate by the Government due to being a close contact, you will be offered a reschedule for a date within twelve (12) months of your original booked date. This will be based on the original guest count at the time of confirming your booking and you will be required to provide proof of this. If the number of guests that cannot attend falls below the 25% criteria, the cruise will proceed as planned, or if a reschedule is requested then the terms noted in condition 4 are applicable.
(6) In the instance that condition (4) or (5) are applicable, you agree to pay all costs associated with your booking that the company cannot recoup or transfer to your new booking date, such as, but not limited to wharf bookings and staff charges.
(7) If you have ordered catering for your cruise, and the cruise is cancelled or rescheduled within 4 days of the cruise date, you will be required to pay for this catering, irrespective of the reason for the reschedule or cancellation. The food can be packed up and collected by you.
(8) you cannot make any more than one (1) rescheduling request;
(9) you will not be entitled to reschedule the booking to a departure date between the months of November to January;
(10) any proposed rescheduled date must be within 12 months of the original booking date otherwise you will be deemed to have cancelled the booking;
(11) any rescheduling requests are subject to acceptance of the Operator and may be rejected or be granted on such terms determined by the Operator; and
(12) if pricing for the new date selected has different rates, you will be required to pay the difference, or vice versa with the difference to be credited back to you.

Prestige Harbour Cruises can provide quotes on a selection of boats that match your function requirements and budget.

Submit a quote request HERE or contact our cruise consultants on: 1300 311 200