Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will answer some of the most comment questions we're asked.

For private charters 3-4 hours is typically the minimum boat hire duration. Shared cruises can be from 90 minutes to 4 hours.

Depends on the boat survey and berth location. Most of our vessels are located in Sydney Harbour where the majority of vessels board guests at King Street Wharf Darling Harbour. However, they can also offer pick ups at suburban wharves. Click here to see a complete map of Sydney wharves.

Most boats only have a small window of time to board you and your guests. You should arrive at the boarding location at least 15 minutes prior to the boarding time. For special events days, we recommend at least 30 minutes prior.

Most of our vessels offer all weather comfort therefore the charter would only be cancelled in the event of very extreme weather conditions, such as a cyclone. This would be decided by the Captain on the day of the event.

It is fairly uncommon for passengers to suffer from seasickness on a harbour cruise. Should the water become choppy due to windy conditions, the skipper will cruise the more sheltered areas of the harbour. However, if a passenger does become unwell for any reason, we can arrange for them to disembark at the nearest wharf or by water taxi.

Really depends on the boat and if they are a licensed premises or not, and time of year. Charges often apply.

We do offer BYO catering on some vessels. Charges may apply.

Most boats have eskies and/or fridges for cooling food and drinks. For BYO events, you may be required to bring ice for the eskies.

Yes, all boats offer sound systems and many with Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphones and other devices. Most offer use of their sound systems for free, some charge.

For private charters, the vessel caterer can accommodate most dietary requirements with prior notice, additional charges may apply. For severe allergies, we may recommend passengers arrange their own catering. Our shared cruises offer a range of dishes therefore they typically do not cater for individual dietary requirements. Menus for each of the cruises are generally provided for you when choosing a suitable cruise.

Most boats allow you to swim during day charters. Some even provide water toys for your enjoyment. Our cruise consultants can assist in quoting boats that will allow swimming.

Children of any age normally are permitted on-board with parental supervision. However, some shared cruises depending on the operator may have some age restrictions.

There are no restrictions with regards to a Sydney harbour cruise whilst pregnant. Just ensure you notify the chef of any dietary requirements.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

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